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Can My Dog Play After Being Spayed? (+ Too Active Running)

Getting your dog to take it easy after spaying or neutering surgery is not easy, particular with puppies and dogs that are generally too active. The majority of dogs, particularly puppies, want to get up and start playing again after being spayed. They don’t understand how much rest and recovery is needed, with running and […]

Why Do Dogs Eat Goose Poop? 7 Reasons for Dropping Chewing!

Dogs will eat the strangest of things. Not all are things that you would immediately think could be edible let alone appealing… and none less so than goose poop! However, if you take your dog on a walk near where gooses hang out, you won’t fail to notice this unusual interest in geese droppings. From […]

What Little Black Bugs in Your Dog’s Poop Mean? (The Answer)

Talking about your dog’s poop can be fascinating or downright off-putting! Either way, if you notice there are little black bugs in your dog’s poop one morning, it’s something that will be hard to ignore. What look like black beetle bugs in dog’s poop is a really disturbing sight and not one you will want […]

How Many Lives Do Dogs Have? + The Myth of 9 Lives Debunked

We’re all familiar with the saying about cats having 9 lives, but where does that leave dogs? Are our canine friends blessed with multiple lives, and if they do have more than one, do dogs have 9 lives too? Given that the myth on cats having 9 lives is so widespread, I decided to research […]

Can Dogs Eat Big Macs Safely? + One Part is Toxic!

My family and I will do the McDonald’s drive-thru once a month; the smell quickly gets our French Bulldog’s attention. As he sits in the back of the car with our son, and nothing gets his dog taste buds going more than a McDonald’s Big Mac. Despite his pleading eyes, we’ve never let our dog […]