Will Dog Feces Deter Snakes? (The Honest Truth Revealed)

If you reside in an area where snakes are commonly found, chances are you’ve encountered them slithering in your backyard or garden. Let’s face it, snakes can provoke a strong reaction in people, making it crucial to keep them away from our property.

Now, if you happen to own a dog, you may have heard the claim that dog poop acts as a snake repellent. I can’t recall the first time I came across this theory, but is there any truth to it? I decided to dig deeper and find out.

Does Dog Excrement Really Repel Snakes?

Contrary to popular belief, dog feces does not deter snakes or serve as a barrier to keep them from entering your yard, garden, home, or property. Snakes do not acknowledge boundaries and do not consider dog poop as a sign of encroaching on a dog’s territory.

Territorial markings generally do not cross between different animal species, particularly from reptiles to mammals. In other words, a snake will not stumble upon dog feces and fear that it is entering a predator’s territory.

Snakes are solely driven by survival instincts and sensing danger. They are accustomed to sliding over the excrement of various animals in the wild, so encountering dog feces won’t deter them unless they hear or see the dog itself.

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In fact, dog feces might have the opposite effect of actually attracting snakes, as I’ll explain below.

Dog Feces: A Potential Attraction for Snakes

Snakes typically prey on rodents, and rodents are often drawn to mess and waste from other animals. Therefore, your dog’s feces could attract mice and rats, which consequently creates an environment that entices snakes to inhabit your yard.

As long as there are rodents present on your property, snakes will likely be attracted to that food source as well.

To minimize the appeal for both rodents and snakes, it’s essential to clean up after your dog diligently. Make sure to pick up any dog feces, maintain cleanliness around the dog’s food bowls, and prevent any food from being left on the ground.

Will Dogs Scare Snakes Away?

While dog feces won’t have a direct impact on keeping snakes away, the presence of your dog might prove effective. Snakes tend to dislike noise and movement, which often prompts them to make a speedy retreat. However, this can vary depending on the snake species, the nature of your dog, and other influencing factors.

It’s crucial to consider that you should avoid letting your dog engage with snakes. Snakes can harbor diseases and parasites that can be harmful to dogs. Additionally, there’s the risk of a snake bite causing harm to your dog.

Ideally, it’s best to keep the two animals separate if possible.

On the bright side, most snake species will slither away if a dog gives chase. Breeds with a keen sense of smell and hearing, such as Beagles, Basset Hounds, Jack Russell Terriers, and Bloodhounds, can potentially serve as effective deterrents.

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If you’re searching for a dog that has a natural inclination to catch and kill snakes, it’s important to note that no breeds possess an innate desire to hunt snakes. Snakes are not typically seen as desirable prey for dogs. However, certain breeds with hunter and killer instincts towards small animals, such as Rat Terriers and Airedales, may be suitable options.

How to Keep Snakes Away From Your Yard Without Relying on Dog Feces

Now that we know dog feces is not a reliable snake deterrent and carries the risk of attracting snakes, it’s essential to explore alternative methods for deterring these reptiles.

1. Maintain a Clean Yard

Snakes thrive in cluttered environments and seek out hidden spots. If your yard is filled with junk or debris, it becomes an ideal habitat for snakes to take refuge. Woodpiles, in particular, provide excellent hiding places for snakes.

To avoid attracting snakes, ensure your yard is free from mess and debris, especially food remnants or waste from animals. If you feed your dog outdoors, clean and replace their food bowls on a daily basis. The same principle applies to bird feeders.

Furthermore, if rats and mice find their way into your yard due to the presence of food or waste, snakes will follow suit in pursuit of prey. It’s worth noting that keeping your yard clean and rodent-free is also essential for the health of your dog, as they can become ill from consuming rodent droppings.

2. Regularly Mow Your Lawn

By consistently mowing your lawn, you can discourage snakes from lingering. Snakes prefer the cover provided by long grass, making it easier for them to move undetected. When grass is kept short, snakes cannot navigate freely without alerting potential predators. Additionally, trimming your lawn allows you to spot snakes more easily and avoid accidental encounters.

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3. Eliminate Accessible Water Sources

Snakes seek out water sources, so while it may be impossible to eliminate larger sources like ponds or streams, it’s crucial to remove any other accessible water sources. This includes areas prone to accumulating water, such as tarps or children’s paddling pools.

Consider refraining from watering your lawn excessively, as wet grass attracts worms, slugs, and frogs—common prey for snakes.


In conclusion, dog feces does not repel snakes and may even attract them to your yard. It’s important to explore alternative methods for deterring snakes and keeping your property snake-free. By maintaining a clean yard, mowing your lawn regularly, and eliminating accessible water sources, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering snakes.

Remember, when it comes to unwanted guests like snakes, there’s always a solution. Stay informed and take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your property and pets.

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