When Do Corgi Puppy Ears Perk Up? The Journey from Floppy to Pointy!

Corgis are born with adorable floppy ears that have a mind of their own during the first few months. Sometimes one ear stands erect, sometimes both, and sometimes none at all! It’s quite a crazy ride, but there’s no need to worry if your Corgi doesn’t have pointy ears right off the bat. Floppy ears are completely normal for younger pups. But, when can you expect your Corgi’s ears to stand up and how long will they remain down?

Why Are My Corgi’s Ears Down and Still Floppy?

The general advice is that most Corgi puppies will have their ears perk up and stand straight between 5 to 15 weeks, but it’s not always synchronized. Typically, Corgi ears stop being floppy once they finish teething. However, in some cases, the ears may go up as late as 8 months old.

My Corgi’s Ears Never Went Up!

It’s important to note that some Corgis will have floppy ears that stay down forever. But fret not, this doesn’t make your dog any less of a Corgi! It simply means they have their own unique and charming character with their permanently floppy ears. Your dog is perfectly normal and healthy, so embrace and love them for who they are.

Now, if you’re curious about why your Corgi’s ears remain down and want to know when they might eventually perk up, keep reading.

sometimes your Corgi puppy ears can remain floppy, and possibly just one of them!
Sometimes your Corgi puppy ears can remain floppy, and possibly just one of them! (Image via Pixabay)

When Do Corgi Ears Stand Up?

Corgi puppies are born with floppy ears, but most will have standing up ears by 15 weeks. However, there will be some whose ears won’t stand up until they finish teething.

So why is teething such a critical point?

Teething is closely linked to calcium. During the puppy’s growth, a significant amount of calcium is used for teeth development, and this phase drains calcium away from the ears. As a result, your Corgi’s ears can go from floppy one week to standing up the next, or even have one ear up and the other down. Until calcium is distributed evenly throughout the body, you can expect some peculiar ear behavior.

Because of this calcium deficiency in the ears, some Corgi owners might mention giving their puppies yogurt due to its high calcium content.

What Age Do Corgi Ears Stand Up?

There’s no set day, week, or month when Corgi ears will stand up. Each puppy develops at their own pace. However, for the majority of puppies, perky ears should appear between 5 to 15 weeks.

If your Corgi’s ears don’t stand up within that timeframe, just wait until teething is finished, which usually occurs around 6 months but can be as late as 8 months. In a few cases, Corgi ears may remain floppy forever.

How Can I Make My Corgi’s Ears Stand Up?

Some dog owners have tried various methods to encourage their puppy’s ears to stand up. Please consult your vet before attempting any of these techniques as their input is crucial.

1. Taping a Corgi’s Ears

One common method is tapping. Some breeders tape the ears when they’re still floppy around 8 weeks old. Though it may sound concerning, it’s actually harmless, based on the experiences shared by breeders.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Tear off a 1.5-inch piece of masking tape.
  • Gently pull one of the puppy’s ears upright, so it’s flat.
  • Loosely wrap the masking tape around the base of the ear.
  • Repeat the process with the other ear.
  • Use another strip of tape to connect both ears together in a bridge shape across the top of the head.
  • Leave the tape in place for no more than 5 days, then gently remove it.

Breeders who have successfully used this method claim that the tape is only needed for 5 days, which is usually sufficient time for the ears to stand up on their own. If the ears remain floppy, remove the tape and try again for an additional 5 days.

2. Using Calcium to Help the Ears Stand Up

I’ve mentioned before that some owners believe increasing calcium levels in their Corgi’s diet can help their ears stand up. This includes incorporating foods such as cottage cheese, milk, and yogurt. The high calcium content in these foods is thought to support the standing up of the ears, as natural calcium is being directed to teeth development.

But does it really work?

There’s no scientific research to back up the claim that calcium fixes floppy ears, and it appears to be mostly anecdotal. Additionally, be cautious as milky foods can be too rich for young puppies and may lead to upset stomachs. It’s important to remember that some puppies may be lactose intolerant, so it’s best not to overload them with cheese and milk.


No matter what your Corgi’s ears are like, let nature take its course. Droopy ears are undeniably adorable, so why not embrace them? In most cases, your Corgi’s ears will eventually stand up after they’ve finished teething, boasting that classic pointy and pricky look that this breed is famous for.

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