Can Dogs Enjoy Subway Meals? Find Out What’s Safe for Your Furry Friend


Who doesn’t love a delicious Subway sandwich? I know I do, and my furry friend would gobble one up if given the chance. But is it safe for dogs to eat Subway? In this article, we will explore what dogs can eat at Subway and why it’s important to be cautious. Let’s dig in!

Can Dogs Eat Subway Sandwiches?

Dogs can eat Subway sandwiches, but with some important considerations. To keep it safe for your pup, avoid adding any sauce or toppings. Stick to plain bread with a plain meat option, free of spice, seasoning, or coating. It’s also essential to note that Subway cookies contain chocolate, which is toxic to dogs. However, despite the possibility, it is best to avoid feeding your dog Subway unless it’s the only option available.

What Can Dogs Enjoy at Subway?

Although there isn’t a dedicated dog-friendly menu at Subway, you can customize a sandwich to make it healthier for your furry friend. Begin with a plain white roll without any grain or seeds. While bread isn’t an ideal part of a dog’s diet, it is generally safe as long as your dog doesn’t have any wheat or grain allergies.

Select a meat option without any spicy coating, salt, peppers, or flavorings. Some suitable choices include chicken breast, turkey breast, ham, rotisserie-style chicken, and steak (make sure it’s not fried). As for toppings, it’s best to avoid them altogether as they may make the sandwich harder for your dog to eat. It’s important to be aware that red onions are toxic to dogs, so skip adding them to your dog’s Subway sandwich. Additionally, steer clear of jalapeños or any spices that can upset your furry friend’s stomach. Remember to skip the rich sauces too!

While a plain meat Subway sandwich can be an occasional treat for your dog, it is not something you should regularly feed them.

Can Dogs Indulge in Subway Cookies?

As much as I love Subway cookies, they are not suitable for dogs. All Subway cookies contain chocolate and plenty of sugar. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and can cause health issues, so it’s best to keep those pleading doggy eyes away from the cookies.

Even if a dog were to eat a Subway cookie, the severity of the reaction would depend on the size of the dog and the amount of chocolate consumed. To avoid any risks, it’s better to stay on the safe side and not let your dog indulge in Subway cookies.


While it’s okay for dogs to have an occasional plain Subway sandwich, it’s essential to take precautions to ensure their safety. Remember to avoid adding any harmful toppings and sauces. As for cookies, steer clear of them entirely due to the toxic chocolate content. Dogs deserve treats, but not all human food is suitable for them and may even be harmful.

Please note that the information in this article is based on personal experiences and online research, and it should not be considered as veterinarian advice. If you have any concerns about your dog’s diet, consult a professional.

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