Mastering the Art: How to Potty Train a Deaf Dog

How to potty train a deaf Dog

Potty training is a rite of passage for every pet parent. Yet, when it comes to deaf dogs, the journey may seem laden with challenges. But is it truly that different? Let’s unravel the process, step by step. Understanding the Unique Needs Deaf dogs, like all dogs, are loyal, loving, and capable of learning. But […]

How to Help Your Dog Pass an Obstruction: A Comprehensive Guide

how to help dog pass obstruction

Dogs, often dubbed ‘man’s best friend,’ are creatures of boundless curiosity. Their world exploration predominantly involves their mouths, leading them sometimes down a perilous path. The ingestion of non-food items — toys, clothing, or random objects — is alarmingly common. This presents pet owners with an urgent dilemma: “how to help dog pass obstruction.” Obstructions […]

How to Protect a Glass Door from Dog Scratches: 7 Ways

If like me you’re a dog owner with a large sliding glass door on the back of your property, you’re probably familiar with the following situation. You’re sat there all relaxed when suddenly the dog runs up to the patio window and starts manically pawing at scratching at the glass… before you’ve had a chance […]