How to Prevent Birds from Stealing Dog Food? (8 Effective Strategies)


So, my uncle has this amazing working dog, and he’s been dealing with a pesky problem lately. Birds have been swooping in and munching on his dog’s food and water. He recently turned to me for help and advice on how to keep those birds at bay. Luckily, I came up with some practical solutions that worked like a charm! Now, I’ll share these eight effective methods with you. If you’re eager to learn how to stop birds from pilfering your furry friend’s food, keep reading!

How can I keep birds from eating my dog’s food?

1. Use scare tactics with fake animals

Birds are quite clever, so deterring them requires a bit of creativity. Instead of going all out with a massive scarecrow, consider using fake cats, owls, or even plastic snakes. These items can be found at your local toy store or purchased conveniently online. Simply place them near your dog’s bowls. Remember to move them around occasionally to keep those clever birds on their toes. And don’t forget to let your pup sniff them so he feels comfortable around them.

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2. Establish a regular feeding schedule

One effective way to keep birds away from your dog’s food is to avoid leaving it out all day. Stick to a set feeding schedule, giving your dog meals in the morning and evening. Portion out the exact amount of food your dog needs, ensuring he finishes it within ten minutes. Once he’s done, remove the bowl to prevent any scraps from attracting birds. This not only keeps the birds away but also ensures your dog enjoys fresh and uncontaminated food.

3. Create an enclosed feeding area

Birds tend to avoid enclosed spaces on the ground. Utilize that knowledge by constructing an innovative solution. Grab some garden netting from your local hardware store and drape it from your patio roof. Place your dog’s food and water bowls on the patio behind the netting. Another option is to use a covered dog crate or kennel, providing a hidden feeding area for your furry pal. While a curious bird may occasionally venture near, it won’t happen too often.

4. Opt for automatic feeders and spill-proof water bowls

To keep birds away from your dog’s food and water, consider investing in automatic feeders and spill-proof water bowls. The Little Giant Automatic Dog Feeder is designed for outdoor use, holds up to 12 lbs. of food, and only dispenses it when your dog accesses the feeding door. For preventing spills, the Road Refresher No Spill Dog Water Bowl is an excellent choice. Your dog can drink from it easily, and the water remains inaccessible to birds.

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5. Harness the power of technology

If you’re at home and have some time to spare, you can use audio recordings of predator birds to deter other birds. Play CDs featuring sounds of these intimidating creatures intermittently to keep most birds away from your garden. Additionally, devices that mimic bird sounds can also be effective when deployed strategically.

6. Feed the birds separately

Consider the possibility that these feathered intruders might just be hungry. Instead of letting them feast on your dog’s food, offer them an alternative by providing bird seeds and hanging bird feeders in different areas of your property. Keep the feeders away from where your dog eats, ensuring the birds have their own source of nutrition. When the birds are happily munching on their own food, they’re less likely to steal from your dog.

7. Provide birds with their own water source

Birds need water, just like any other living creature. Their love for bathing can lead them straight to your dog’s water bowl. Solve this problem by setting up a bird bath in your garden, well away from your dog’s water source. By distracting the birds and giving them their own water haven, you ensure your dog has clean and uncontaminated water all to themselves. Check out the VIVOHOME Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath for an attractive option.

8. Take advantage of scare devices

In addition to the scarecrow concept, there are other scare devices you can utilize:

  • Bright, moving objects: Birds are deterred by bright, shiny things that move in the wind. Try placing pinwheels or hanging strips of aluminum foil near your dog’s feeding area.
  • Utilize old CDs: Hang those neglected CDs from trees in your garden or the patio roof.
  • Wind chimes and bells: The sounds produced by these hanging chimes and bells will keep birds at bay whenever the wind blows.
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Why keep birds away from your dog’s food?

You might be wondering why it’s so crucial to prevent birds from accessing your dog’s food and water bowl. Well, as much as we adore our winged friends, they carry parasites and diseases that can contaminate your dog’s food and water. Additionally, their droppings are not exactly appetizing and can taint the food and water as well. Thus, it’s essential to establish boundaries to protect your beloved furry companion.


Though preventing birds from stealing dog food entirely may be a challenge, implementing these strategies can undoubtedly reduce their impact. Remember, with a little effort and some innovative thinking, you can create an environment that ensures your dog enjoys their meals without any feathered interference.

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