Pugs and Their Big Smiles: Photos and Videos

Can Pugs Really Smile?

People are drawn to pugs because of their squishy faces and compact bodies. Although some say that pugs are not very facially expressive, they can indeed smile! It may seem surprising, given the way they have been bred, but pugs can form a happy expression by opening their wide mouths and curling the sides of their lips up. When they smile, their eyes will also narrow slightly.

But Is It Really a Smile?

Before we dive into adorable pug smile photos and videos, it’s important to understand that dogs show happiness differently from humans. While they can’t actually smile like we do, their face and mouth can certainly give the impression of a smile. When dogs are happy, their eyes soften, they relax and open their mouths, pull back their lips, and even let their tongue pop out. It truly looks like a heartwarming grin!

Will Your Pug Be a Smiler?

Whether or not your pug will be a smiler can depend on genetics. Some pugs may appear to smile more than others. If a pug’s smile is important to you, it may be helpful to ask for photos of the puppy’s parents before making a purchase. This could provide insight into their potential facial expressions.

Captivating Pug Smile Photos

Curated from across the internet, here are some adorable pug smile photos that will surely melt your heart:

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Smiling Pug 1
“You can just start to see the hint of a smile with this guy.” (Image licensed and purchased from StoryBlocks.com)

Smiling Pug 2
Look at the grin on this little fella! (Image licensed and purchased from StockUnlimited.com)

Smiling Pug 3
Pug life… is good. Image copyright Sassfrasturnip on Reddit.

Smiling Pug 4
You gotta admit, it’s quite infectious! Image copyright Dippydaloo on Flickr.

Smiling Pug 5
He may be tired, but he can still crack a smile. Image copyright Desxiree on Flickr.

Smiling Pug 6
Smiling in the snow. Image copyright DaPuglet on Flickr.

Delightful Pug Smile Videos

If photos aren’t enough, here are some heartwarming videos of pugs showing off their contagious smiles:

Watch Video 1

Watch Video 2

Signs of a Happy Pug

While not all pugs smile in the same way, they have other gestures and behaviors that indicate happiness. If your pug shows any of the following signs, it’s a good indication that they are content:

  • Rear-end wiggles
  • Little tail wagging (as far as a pug can)
  • Playfulness
  • Desire for attention (possibly clingy)
  • Tongue poking out
  • Classic puppy dog eyes
  • Mouth relaxation and opening
  • Not exhibiting destructive behavior
  • Healthy appetite
  • Overall health and happiness

Maintaining Your Pug’s Smile and Happiness

To ensure your pug remains happy and possibly even smiling as much as possible, responsible ownership is key. Here are some tips to keep your pug’s smile intact:

  • Provide regular exercise to keep them active and engaged.
  • Feed them a nutritious and delicious diet.
  • Schedule regular vet check-ups for their health.
  • Maintain their cleanliness, paying extra attention to skin folds and ears.
  • Offer toys for playtime.
  • Consider getting them a companion to prevent loneliness.
  • Stick to a consistent daily routine to minimize stress.
  • Keep their environment at a comfortable temperature both indoors and outdoors.
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Why Do Dogs Appear to Smile?

Although a pug’s smile isn’t exactly the same as a human smile, scientists believe that dogs have learned to relax their mouths and bodies in response to our behavior. Through centuries of domestication, dogs have developed the ability to “smile” to get what they want or to express happiness. It’s fascinating how they have evolved this way to elicit a positive response from us, such as a treat or food.

If you want to delve further into signs of your pug’s happiness and love for you, I’ve also published a guide with 21 reasons to look out for.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve witnessed just how adorable pug grins can be, be sure to explore some of my other pug-related articles. Doggysaurus will continue to deliver amazing content about the pug breed, so bookmark the site and keep coming back for future updates.

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