Can Drug-Sniffing Dogs Detect Mushrooms? (A Closer Look at Police Training)


Picture this: dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell with 300 million olfactory receptors packed into their noses, making their sniffers 10,000 times more sensitive than ours. This superpower, combined with their trainable nature, makes them invaluable assets in law enforcement, especially when it comes to detecting drugs. You’ve probably seen these crime-fighting canines at airports, festivals, and working alongside police handlers, skillfully sniffing out various narcotics. But are drug dogs capable of detecting mushrooms, particularly spores and psychedelic varieties? I delved into videos and articles by professionals who work with sniffer dogs to unveil the truth. Here’s what I uncovered…

Can Police Dogs Detect Mushrooms?

Drug dogs can sense the presence of mushrooms, but are they trained to identify and alert their police handlers about them? That’s a different story. It’s uncommon for law enforcement and airport authorities to train their drug dogs specifically to detect mushrooms. However, it’s important to note that police dogs can detect anything they have been trained to, such as cancer in blood. In fact, a 2019 study revealed that dogs can accurately sniff out cancer cells with nearly 97% accuracy^1. If dogs can detect cancer, then it’s highly likely they can also detect mushrooms.

Are Drug Dogs Trained to Detect Mushrooms?

While dogs have the ability to smell mushrooms, it’s doubtful that most drug dogs have been trained to do so. Training a dog to detect drugs requires significant effort, patience, and time to ensure the dog consistently alerts to the presence of the drug. Moreover, training a police dog to detect mushrooms may not be considered a priority due to the demand and societal impact of other substances like amphetamines, cocaine, and heroin[^2]. Thus, while some drug dogs may be trained to detect mushrooms, the vast majority probably do not possess this specific training.

Can Police Dogs Detect Magic Mushrooms?

Although most drug dogs may not be specifically trained to detect mushrooms, it doesn’t mean they won’t alert on magic mushrooms if they encounter them. For instance, an Irish Times report from 2009 mentioned that customs sniffer dogs intercepted nearly €20 million worth of drugs, including a handful of magic mushrooms valued at €90^3. While the report does not specify whether the dogs were trained to detect magic mushrooms, it is possible that the dogs alerted to other drugs that had come into contact with the mushrooms, resulting in their detection. Additionally, police dogs are often trained to alert on anything unusual, which helps them track suspects and identify threats[^4].

Training Drug Dogs to Sniff Out Narcotics

Dogs can be trained to detect and signal the presence of any substance, particularly highly intelligent breeds like German Shepherds. If police or airport authorities were interested in training their sniffer dogs to detect mushrooms, they would follow a specific process:

  1. The dog would be taught to associate the smell of mushrooms with a favorite toy.
  2. A small white towel, which doubles as a training toy, would be used as the object associated with the mushroom scent. The handler would play tug of war with the dog using this towel.
  3. Over time, small amounts of the target drug, such as psychedelic mushroom spores, would be placed on the towel.
  4. The dog would begin to associate the smell of mushrooms with playtime, turning the detection process into a rewarding game. The dog would be rewarded once it successfully located the towel’s hiding place[^5].

It’s crucial to note that actual drugs are used in the training process, but only in very small quantities, thanks to the dogs’ remarkable sense of smell. Dogs are taught to locate the scent, sit, and point their nose toward the source. While any breed can be trained as a sniffer dog, breeds like Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Beagles often excel due to their innate attributes[^6].

Do Drug Dogs Detect Psilocybin Mushrooms?

Given dogs’ incredible olfactory abilities and the possibility of training them to detect mushrooms, it can be inferred that drug-sniffing dogs that are trained to detect mushrooms could potentially distinguish between psychedelic mushrooms containing psilocybin and non-narcotic mushroom varieties. Dogs are capable of differentiating mixed odors, unlike humans who often perceive them as a single scent. For instance, a dog can distinguish the individual smells present in a stew, whereas humans only recognize the overall aroma[^7]. This exemplifies the strong scent discrimination skills possessed by dogs, making it likely that they could differentiate between different types of mushrooms.


Dogs have long served as reliable partners in law enforcement, using their extraordinary sense of smell to detect drugs and explosives with exceptional accuracy. While most drug dogs are not trained specifically to detect mushrooms, they still possess the ability to smell them. Factors such as the prioritization of other substances and limited resources for training contribute to the scarcity of drug dogs trained to detect mushrooms. However, if trained, sniffer dogs could excel at detecting mushrooms, given their scent discrimination capabilities. The remarkable talents of these furry detectives never cease to amaze.


[^2]: Did You Know? There’s a lot of confusion and debate on whether dogs are able to smell edibles

[^4]: Did You Know? Dogs have such an amazing sense of smell that they can sense when women have periods
[^5]: Did You Know? Beagles have long flappy ears to help them smell better
[^6]: Handy Hint: Despite what many criminals think, drugs inside vacuum-sealed bags can still be detected by drug dogs

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