19 Natural Solutions to the Snoring Issue

How to Stop My Chihuahua from Snoring at Night

Chihuahuas are notorious for their snoring, but it can become a problem when it’s too loud. Here, I’ve compiled a list of proven methods that can help you put an end to your Chihuahua’s snoring, both during the night and when they’re awake.

1. Elevate their sleeping position

Adjusting your Chihuahua’s sleeping position can make a difference. By placing a pillow under their head, you can help open up their airways and reduce snoring.

2. Provide a bed with raised sides

To add an extra touch of comfort, consider getting a bed with raised sides for your Chihuahua. This will not only support their posture but also contribute to minimizing snoring. You can find suitable options on Amazon.

3. Consider a circular bed

According to veterinarians, encouraging your Chihuahua to sleep curled up can relieve pressure on their airways, allowing for better breathing. A round bed, such as the ones available on Amazon, might help achieve this.

4. Ensure fresh and circulating air

A hot and stuffy room can exacerbate your Chihuahua’s snoring. Make sure the air in their sleeping area is fresh and well-circulated, without making it too cold.

5. Avoid exposing them to second-hand smoke

Cigarette smoke can have harmful effects on dogs, including increased phlegm production and constricted air passages. Keep your Chihuahua away from smoky environments as much as possible to minimize snoring and potential health issues.

6. Increase air moisture with a humidifier

In dry climates, lack of moisture can irritate your Chihuahua’s throat and nasal passages, leading to snoring. Combat this by using a humidifier, available on Amazon, to add moisture to the air.

7. Consult your vet regarding allergies

Allergies, such as pollen or dust allergies, can worsen your Chihuahua’s snoring. Additionally, exhaust fumes from busy roads can also cause similar issues. It’s advisable to consult your vet and have your Chihuahua tested for allergies to identify any underlying causes.

8. Keep their bed clean

Regularly cleaning your Chihuahua’s bed and linen can help eliminate potential allergens. Consider vacuuming the bed every two days and machine washing every two weeks to maintain cleanliness.

9. Manage their weight

Excess weight can contribute to snoring by putting pressure on the pharynx or soft palate. If your Chihuahua is overweight, it might help alleviate their snoring problem by implementing a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

10. Promote physical activity

Implementing regular exercise routines for your Chihuahua, such as short walks or 30 minutes of daily activity, can contribute to their overall well-being and potentially reduce snoring.

11. Check medication side effects

Certain medications, like antihistamines, muscle relaxants, painkillers, or sedatives, can relax throat muscles and cause snoring in dogs. Consult your vet to determine if any of your Chihuahua’s medications might be contributing to their snoring.

12. Ensure unobstructed airways

Sudden snoring episodes might indicate blockages in your Chihuahua’s throat or nasal passages. Check for any foreign objects, such as grass blades or debris, which might be causing the snoring. If concerns persist or you suspect serious health conditions like tumors, consult your vet.

13. Monitor signs of infection

Allergies, colds, and infections can affect your Chihuahua’s airways and lead to snoring. If your Chihuahua experiences snoring accompanied by a runny nose and sneezing, it’s advisable to seek a veterinary check-up for diagnosis and treatment.

14. Inspect their teeth for issues

Dental problems, such as decay or abscesses, can obstruct the airflow and contribute to snoring. Regularly examine your Chihuahua’s teeth and gums, ensuring good oral hygiene.

15. Seek professional advice

In addition to the common causes mentioned above, there may be other underlying health issues causing your Chihuahua’s snoring. If you suspect a health problem, it’s best to consult your vet for a comprehensive examination.

16. Avoid human snoring remedies

While there are various snoring remedies available for humans, it’s crucial not to administer any of these treatments to your Chihuahua. Homeopathic remedies, in particular, can be dangerous for pets, and it’s best to follow professional veterinary advice.

17. Encourage a different sleeping position

A temporary solution to try is adjusting your Chihuahua’s sleeping position. You can experiment with different positions and avoid letting them sleep on their back, as it often worsens snoring.

18. Separate sleeping spaces

If your Chihuahua’s snoring has been causing disruption in your sleep, you can consider having them sleep in a different room. Alternatively, wearing earplugs may help create some distance from the noise.

19. Consider surgical options as a last resort

In severe cases where snoring affects your Chihuahua’s quality of life, surgical solutions like stenotic nares surgery might be considered. This procedure involves widening the nostrils to improve breathing. However, surgery should only be pursued if it’s deemed medically necessary and recommended by your veterinarian.

Understanding Chihuahua Snoring Surgery

While the tips mentioned above can assist in managing snoring, it’s important to note that completely eliminating snoring might not be feasible due to the breeding characteristics of Chihuahuas. Surgery focuses on improving their overall breathing and not solely on stopping snoring.

If you have exhausted all non-surgical options without success, your veterinarian might explore the possibility of surgery. However, surgical intervention is generally reserved for cases where your Chihuahua’s breathing is significantly compromised.

Stenotic nares surgery, which enlarges the nostrils and reduces elongated palates, is a common procedure with a high success rate. Chihuahuas typically recover within seven days following the surgery.

Cost of Chihuahua Snoring Surgery

The cost of snoring surgery for Chihuahuas varies depending on the severity of breathing issues, surgical techniques employed, and geographical location. In the United States, costs can range between $500 and $1,500. Two common types of snoring surgery include:

  • Soft palate resection: $500 to $1,500
  • Stenotic nares resection: $250 to $1,000

Why Chihuahuas Snore Excessively

Chihuahuas tend to snore more frequently due to their brachycephalic nature and breeding practices that emphasize increasingly flatter facial structures. Dr. Jeff Werber, a renowned veterinarian from Los Angeles, explains the correlation between snoring and brachycephalic breeds:

“As we breed dogs to have shorter snouts, the soft palate in the back of their throat doesn’t change, and that can be a problem. How your dog’s body is positioned when sleeping, the shape of the dog’s neck, and the length of its nose are all factors that can influence a dog’s breathing. It can all contribute to the snoring.”

Ultimately, comprehensive discussions regarding the ethical aspects of breeding practices surrounding Chihuahuas and similar breeds are essential for further exploration.


While completely eliminating snoring in Chihuahuas might not be achievable, implementing the suggested solutions can alleviate snoring and improve their overall comfort. Surgical options should only be considered in severe cases that compromise your Chihuahua’s quality of life. Prioritize your Chihuahua’s well-being by creating a comfortable sleeping environment and maintaining their overall health.

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